"If the latest John Grisham just doesn’t cut it, here is a recommended new book for those interested in corporate responsibility and business growth in the developing world. "Untapped: Creating Value in Underserved Markets" by Weiser, Kahane, Rochlin and Landis. "Building on Prahalad and Hart’s seminal “Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid”, the authors bring together lessons of more recent research and a greater set of cases to emphasize how working in low-income markets can reinforce the bottom line."
—Michael Jarvis, Corporate Responsibility Specialist for the Business, Competitiveness & Development Program at the World Bank Institute.

“The authors have taken a complex subject and made it clear and understandable. They describe both success strategies and pitfalls, giving practical advice that will help managers create value for company and community alike. I heartily endorse this book.”  
—Bob Stiller, president and CEO, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, winner of Forbes magazine’s 2001 Entrepreneur of the Year Award

“The authors, a group of seasoned practitioners, have written a highly readable and practical analysis of how companies from diverse industries have adapted their business models and practices to succeed in markets previously considered unattractive. This book can help readers reach these markets profitably as well as have the satisfaction of making a difference in underserved communities.”
—Pamela Flaherty, senior vice president for Global Community Relations, Citigroup, winner of the 2005 Corporate Design Award, Global Green USA

“This book explains complex situations through clear, concise, real world examples that allow the reader to quickly grasp the concepts and see how they can be applied to achieve the desired ‘win-win’ outcome: good products and services at fair prices for communities and a long-term profitable result for businesses.”
—Ed Charlebois, vice president, Travelers Personal Lines, St. Paul Travelers, former chairman, National Insurance Task Force, winner of the Community Development Corporation of Long Island’s Opportunity Award

“As we engage with communities, there is a constant creative tension in figuring out what we can give, and what we can get. Untapped examines this issue from a corporate perspective—analyzing the challenges and opportunities in creating value by first empowering an underserved community.”
—Russell Simmons, chairman and CEO, Rush Communications, winner of the NAACP Lifetime Achievement Award

Included on Harvard Business Review List 2006—the 18 books HBR recommends managers read this year.